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Official Website Upgrade

 During the past two years, XIATECH has paid much more attention to the development of new products and new technology. A series of new products were introduced, including flow calorimetry (HC2000), precision thermostat bathes (C series), high-precision thermometer and platinum resistance thermometer (T series), portable thermal conductivity meter (TC3000E), vapor pressure measurement system (VP1000), surface tension meter (ST5000) and other products.

In order to give a detail introduction of the products and services, XIATECH upgrade the office website in July 1, 2014. The introduction of products and services are divided into four parts: products, test service, solutions and technical support.

★  Products: including thermophyscial properties measurement instruments, temperature equipment and thermostat bathes;

Test service: thermophysical properties measurement service such as thermal conductivity, heat capacity, viscosity, density, vapor pressure, critical parameters, solubility, surface tension and etc.;

★ Solutions: applications of research activities with kinds of laboratory equipment.

Technical support: overall solutions for temperature, pressure, thermophysical property measurement systems, energy saving and environmental protection.。 

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