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C3000A series thermostats are developed on the temperature control and measurement experience of more than 15 years. The significant advantages of high stability, wide temperature range, optional large bath volumes and etc make it popular for high precision temperature measurement and temperature control requirements.

  High stability:  0.01;

  Wide temperature range: -30~120;

  Large bath volume: 6 ~30L;

  Interface: USB;

  Circulator mode: external and internal



High stability:  upon the XIATECH Fuzzy-PID temperature control technique, a stability of 0.01 for C3000A series;

Wide temperature range: -30~120 which cover most of the basic laboratory needs;

Large bath volume: optional volume is from 6 to30L,especially for large volume and high temperature stability requirement s

Easy-to-use: working fluids for all temperature range-30~120 is available; USB interface; temperature control with software is available;

Optional external circulation and internal thermostat.

LED display;




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